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SaveWarriorNun Campaign Hits 10M Tweets Goal in 68 Days

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Source: Netflix and @Jereczko97 on twitter

Earlier today, the Save Warrior Nun Campaign hit a 10 million #SaveWarriorNun tweets benchmark after a relentless 68 days of fighting for the show online. This fandom has come together in a major show of community and force with the shared goal of saving Warrior Nun from its current cancelation status, and they don't show signs of stopping anytime soon.

The #SaveWarriorNun movement started on the show's cancelation date, trending worldwide. Seven days later, the fanbase was celebrating the reach of 2 million tweets with the hashtag (according to @TweetBinder), showing their impressive dedication and organization. As many public figures started to hop on the trend, the fandom kept an impressive pace, hitting 4 Million on Dec 29th, after only 16 days.

Two months seems to be a long time for a fandom to keep up with this truly impressive quantity of tweets per day. Though the number per day has slowed since those first weeks, the last month has proved that the fandom is very much still active in this campaign, often still achieving 60-90K per day. Though, when it comes to Warrior Nun, motivation runs high, as the fandom has continued to find more reasons to keep pushing for the show's return.

Leading the push of this wave are William Miller (who portrays Adriel in the series), Kristina Tonteri-Young (who portrays Beatrice in the series), and showrunner Simon Barry, who keep encouraging and supporting fans of the hit series to push for more seasons.

On January 29, day 47 of the campaign, Simon Barry quote retweeted a tweet about the hashtag's latest benchmark of 8 Million, stating "when we hit 10m I will release the script pages for the A&B bedroom scene plus some goodies," a promise to release deleted scene content that has been discussed by various members of the cast and crew in interviews since the season's release. Needless to say, this news was a huge motivator to fans, who set out to grab the next 2 Million with countless quote and hashtag trends over the next 29 days of the campaign. The fan effort doubled, with more organized tweeting events, tag phrases, and even rest days, in order to get their reward as soon as possible without facing too much burnout.

As determined as many were to get the script of said deleted scene, the speculations behind the "plus some goodies" part of Barry's message also made a lot of noise online.

With their coordinated quotes and hashtags, the fandom managed to have their movement on Twitter trending lists across the world almost daily. If you're on Twitter right now, give it a look! Maybe it's trending for you. Chances are, it'd be the cute ALL CAPS quote about food, nuns, Netflix, or Warrior Nun itself, which, when clicked, would lead you down an entertaining rabbit hole of community inside jokes, appreciation for the show, and fan speculation about plot points.

When the news broke today (at 3PM EST) that their efforts had finally reached the 10 Milllion tweet target, gaining a surge of an additional 100k in less than 17hrs, fans were ecstatic and expectant to see "uncle Simon" (Simon Barry) and other members of the cast and crew react to their new milestone. They wanted to know when they would receive their gift and what the "other goodies" might be. To this, Barry replied with "TEN MILLION #SaveWarriorNun Tweets!!! Give yourselves a round of applause and take a moment to celebrate this milestone. [...]"

There is, unfortunately, no certainty as to the show's fate, nor whether it will be saved anytime soon, if at all. But what is certain is that this fandom is passionate, loud, worldwide, and dedicated to making change happen. Whether it's with their 4 billboards (currently up in New York City, Los Angeles, and London) the fan effort, impressive campaign coverage, or the numerous public figures fighting alongside fans, this is a campaign to watch.

This fanbase is MORE THAN A FANDOM, it's a community of like-minded individuals who are fighting for what they love and believe in, in the hopes of seeing change in the entertainment industry, and the world at large (as seen by their organized charity donations).

Join the fight, let's make some noise together! Start by signing the petition, if you haven't already! It only has 44 signatures left to 115,000! And keep up to date with the campaign on the official website.


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