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The 2022 Best Gifts for Flannel Sapphics

Updated: Jan 2

Practical, easy-going, and impossible to shop for flannel sapphics never make the holidays easy. As a gal with a closet full of beanies and an affinity for plaid, here are the gifts I would be thrilled to receive this holiday season.

1. Duluth Flannel

Get it Here! Price: $30 (Sales Often) I'm not sure if the perfect flannel exists but this one comes close. Duluth outdid themselves with this soft, well-constructed shirt. It has a slimmer fit without running tight or being baggy. It comes in 4 varieties of plaid including the perfect red/black pictured above. Be sure to snag one before they sell out for the season.

2. Hershel Beanie Get it Here!

Price: $20 and up As an owner of 4 Hershel beanies, I’m happy to report that these are some of the best around. Simple, stylish, and very functional, these beanies can handle the toughest of winters. I’ve owned them for going on 5 years and they still look like new. Did I mention they are machine washable and come in 78 (no, that's not a typo) colours/varieties?

3. Small Business Lip Balm Get it Here! Price: $3 and Up These creative and delicious lip balms from DelightNaturals on Etsy are fantastic. You can never have to many lip balms especially during the winter months and these are some of the best I’ve found. The shop carries over 100 flavors with all the classics and even the downright bizarre (French fire or garlic anyone?) so you’ll find your sapphic's favorites. We also love that this purchase supports a small business who has donated to LGBTQ+ organizations.

4. Waterproofing Spray Get it Here! Price: $15 This might not be the most exciting gift but it’s hard to rival its practicality. Recommended by cobblers, this spray will keep shoes looking like new without damaging them. If your flannel sapphic lives in a rainy or snowy climate or has a tendency of spilling hot cocoa on their new Timberlands, you can’t go wrong with this shoe protector.

5. Artisan Tea and Coffee

Price: $7 and Up If your sapphic is a tea fan some of my favorite brands are Plum Deluxe and The Spice & Tea Exchange. Plum Deluxe offers a great monthly tea subscription that sends you enough loose-leaf tea for over 20 cups every month for just $10/month. It’s a great option for someone looking to expand their tea palate and who doesn’t love a yearlong gift.

If they are more of a coffee, the Awesome Coffee Club is a great place to grab some whole bean or ground coffee. They offer both individual bags and subscriptions and 100% of the profit from the company goes to support reducing maternal mortality in Sierra Leone. All the coffee is ethically sourced from small farmers in Colombia who are working to eliminate deforestation. We love a company on a mission and the Awesome Coffee Club is one we certainly stand behind.

6. An Experience

Price: Varies If money is tight this year or you are just hoping to cut back on physical gifts, we love the idea of gifting experiences. Take your sapphic on a picnic hike to a special spot, try an escape room, an afternoon of laser tag or tickets to a concert. The possibilities are endless. This can be a great way to showcase some creativity by making a custom card themed around the experience or maybe you tie it in with one of the gifts we’ve previously mentioned. Experiences are some of the best gifts you can give someone so don’t count them out this year.

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